Shortlist 2024
Daniella Castro

With over a decade of experience in both leadership and machine learning, Daniella honed her skills in strategic planning, team management, and AI model development. As co-CEO and Head of Technology at Huna, she leads the development of cutting-edge AI models for the early detection of chronic diseases in women.Before joining Huna, Daniella served as a Machine Learning Research Leader at Kunumi, where she managed a talented team devoted to AI for good projects. She cultivated strong partnerships with top Brazilian universities, fostering R&D initiatives, and seamlessly integrated academic expertise with the practical know-how of their collaborators.
Marwa Hage

Marwa Hage is a seasoned professional with experience in a variety of industries. In 2019, was a Co-founder of Munily App, a software that creates secure and connected communities. Known as one of the top 100 female founders in the world. Organizer of the largest virtual TEDx worldwide with more than 13 thousand registered attendees and 48 speakers of international stature, managing a team of over 60 people, all in one month. Mentor of entrepreneurs at Aden University.Known for turbocharging the execution and wanting everything for yesterday. Madly focused on growth.
Candace Chen

Taiwanese American serial entrepreneur who is passionate about consumer tech and social innovation. After resigning from a management role at PepsiCo, she started a healthy lifestyle beverage company in Southern California. Within 1.5 years, the company’s value was doubled and exited. After finishing a Women’s Entrepreneurship Program at Cornell University, Ms. Hage began building another company. She is now the CEO & Founder of Fluv, a pet care marketplace for urban pet parents in Asia.
Joselyne Del Rosario

Ms. Joselyne Del Rosario, based in Ecuador, is currently a Founder CEO at DREX, bringing experience from previous roles at NEXTERGY and Banco Bolivariano. With a robust skill set that includes sustainable development, engineering, project planning and more, Ms. Del Rosario contributes valuable insights to the industry. DREx is developing a platform that unlocks the potential of sustainable finance, avoiding E.S.G. greenwashing practices, and has traceability and transparency as a core technology.
Your Accessible
Nadejda Anpilogova

Nadejda is a co-founder of the Your Accessible Guide. This is an ecosystem of inclusive digital products designed to develop accessible tourism for people with disabilities and special needs.
Maria Dmitrieva

Maria Dmitrieva is an experienced entrepreneur, CEO & Co-Founder of EcoDisclosure: a premier company revolutionizing the way businesses approach environmental, social, governance (ESG) scoring and disclosure. Maria is skilled in sustainability reporting based on GRI standards and adept in sustainable supply chain management. She is a passionate eco-activist and blogger (@mashyliak)
Sandra Montes Pérez

Passionate entrepreneur and business leader with a dual track record in technology innovation and the industrial sector. As the founder of a technology start-up, Sandra has tirelessly worked to bring disruptive solutions to the market, redefining the way we tackle today's challenges.Simultaneously, as a director of an industrial company, she has demonstrated ability to lead teams and maximize operational efficiency, driving sustainable and profitable growth. Her strategic vision and customer-centric approach have been instrumental in executing successful projects and building strong relationships with key business partners.
Paula Monticelli

Paula is a creative problem-solver, gender perspective based, community oriented and data drivenleader from Argentina. As her mission she wants to improve access to web3 with innovative digital solutions. Paula loves to bring a fresh perspective to the table with a focus on agile methodology and so called "lab mindset”: bringing people together to create something amazing. On a personal note, she is a marathons runner, an avid reader, believes in love, and her favorite song is "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" - a fitting anthem for a woman who's always reaching for the next summit.
Rim Jourdan

In the past 2 decades, Rim built a brilliant career in travel and hospitality, managing technology and strategic projects for Air France, KLM and Etihad Airways before co-founding The Boutique Vibe, a club for small Mediterranean boutique hotels.She cofounded Skatch in 2022. Skatch is a professional platform for the blue and grey-collar workers. Focusing on the MEA region, Skatch aims to help technicians, workers, vendors or other professionals with lower education levels to secure jobs, upskill through AI, gaming and community building.
Porte Tech
Aidana Aituarova

Aidana Aituarova is an innovative entrepreneur with an impressive corporate background. As a founder of Porte Tech, she contributes to the sustainable development of her hometown. Her company’s ESG-friendly web application with automated “key to all doors” helps to reduce financial and time costs by integrating RFID cards, parking remotes, paper passes and magnets in one application.
Hannah Töpler

Founder and CEO of Intrare: a social tech that builds proprietary AI to eliminate bias from recruitment. Intrare mission is to match millions of refugees, marginalized women, LGBTIQ+, and other diverse talent with fair jobs to break the poverty cycle.Before building Intrare, Hannah was in charge of developing new impact strategies with local and international teams for Oxfam Mexico and Oxfam International. She worked for the German Representation to the UN on improving access to human rights and health, as well as for think tanks and social impact organizations in Brussels and Geneva. She speaks and writes at diverse events and platforms on leadership, migration and climate change, unbiased AI, refugee inclusion, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).
Firouza Eshonova

Before creating a Mila4AI, Firouza worked in a large corporate business. Inspired by helping her own son, with speech disorder who went to speech therapists for many years, Firouza felt the problems that parents, children, and speech therapists have to face. She decided to create an app that aids those with speech disorders to improve their speaking ability. The app employs AI to prescribe oral motor and articulation exercises without needing a therapist present during their treatment giving those who live in places that lack access to speech therapists an opportunity to improve on their condition.
Ozim Platform
Assem Tazhiyeva

Assem is a passionate advocate for leveraging technology to make a positive impact in our society. As the initiator of an Ozim Platform social project, she is dedicated to supporting families with children who have special needs by connecting them with research-based educational and psychological resources. Driven by the belief that every child deserves equal opportunities for growth and development, she has taken the initiative to create a platform that bridges the gap between families seeking specialized assistance and the experts who can provide it. Through this project, she aims to empower families with valuable information and guidance, while also fostering a sense of community and support.
Aira Mongush

Aira is an AI Enthusiast and tech entrepreneur with mathematical background. She is passionate about tech and science, interested in creating global high value deep tech projects, building accessible tech education and reinforcement Learning and Group theory applications in Machine Learning Research.

Chinwendu Nweke is Founder and CEO of Bridge Merchant Enterprises and community advocate for women in agriculture and technology in Africa. She is a graduate of Geology with the University of Port-Harcourt and have been in agribusiness for more than 5 years now. Chinwednu is a United States Tech women alumni (2022 cohort) fate-foundation agribusiness accelerator alumni and awardee with Startup Africa and TEEF foundation. Her vision is to see world hunger and poverty eradicated using technology and people-empowered solutions.
Alena Shchavleva

Alena Shchavleva, a social psychologist, ICF coach, and marketer, is passionate about making a positive impact in oncology care. As CEO of Effelp, she and her team develop a comprehensive digital solution creating an ecosystem around the patient, enhancing patient support and managing family life during the cancer journey. Effelp allows to make a perfect match between a patient`s needs for help and support and the resources of his/her surroundings, that is ready to provide help. For over 7 years, Alena led a department at a charitable foundation aiding brain tumor patients. The national public health campaigns she implemented were recognized with international professional awards supported by the UN for aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals.
Neurum Health
Megan Lam

Megan is a Co-Founder & CEO at Neurum Health, she is excited about meaningful changes in mind and lifestyle health. Technology has offered new potentials in the way we conceptualise, innovate, and deliver care. These meaningful changes emerge from the intersections of different fields, driven by people coming together to solve shared problems.She believes that diverse collaborative efforts between clinicians, engineers, researchers, designers, entrepreneurs, end-users etc. are paramount for progress.
Jasmijn Kok

Entrepreneur with interest in the high tech industry and loads of energy. Jasmijin was trained as an architect at the TUDelft, then she decided with her twin sister Lyle to take the leap and started database filled with reliable and loving nannies and au pairs. Her super-fast app arranges everything in no time.  Jasmijin lives in Haarlem with her husband, love race biking and sports, reading and never get tired of building the business.

Ms. Molema has previously worked in Otse at Godisa Thechnologies as a Hearing Aid technician and invented the first solar powered hearing aid made by people who are deaf for people with hearing loss in developing Countries. Sarah’s idea has helped organizations in Brazil, China and Canada. She believes that deaf people should enjoy their rights without boarders.

Dedicated to making healthcare accessible in Africa. Skilled communicator and Prosci-certified Change Management Practitioner with over 9 years of experience in healthcare, nonprofit, consulting and higher education sectors in US, Nigeria and Canada. Folake has a passion for solving problems and get energized by opportunities that require critical thinking, building new systems, storytelling, communicating with diverse audiences, leadership and project management.