Jury 2023

Learn more about our jury members and get inspired by their projects

Adora Nwodo
Founder, AdoraHack

Adora is the co-founder of unStack Africa, a conference for tech talents in and around Africa which focuses on workshops and talks to empower people by practically taking them through the rudiments.

She is also Vice President of the Nigerian chapter for the VRAR Association, an avenue where she enlightens young individuals about the potential in Mixed Reality technologies.

Ruchika Singhal
President of Medtronic LABS

Ruchika is the president of Medtronic LABS, a non-profit initiative conceived by Medtronic to design, build and scale technology-powered healthcare delivery solutions to improve access to care for underserved communities around the world. Ruchika is a healthcare technology veteran, having worked at Medtronic for a decade and a half driving strategy, international market development and new product development.

Adrienne Doolan
CEO of Green Touches

Adrienne is the CEO of Green Touches, a professional consulting & service provider of sustainable Facility Management (FM) in the Middle East.

Combining a genuine passion for the environment, promoting a sustainable way of life and working with integrity, her company Green Touches, founded in 2015, has brought an entirely new concept to the Facility Management industry in the Middle East, striving to be disruptors within this industry towards achieving sustainability.

Mayra Castro
Founder of InvestAmazonia

A connector and partnership catalyst, Mayra is a lawyer and holds a master degree in International and European Law by the University of Geneva-Switzerland.

As part of a life mission, she has founded InvestAmazonia, an amazonian-based company that uses regional expertise and international experience to design projects and partnerships based on disruptive mindset, partnership and strategy.

Sahra-Josephine Hjorth
CEO of Green Touches

Award winning entrepreneur Sahra-Josephine Hjorth has spent the past six years creating analog and digital social learning experiences with groundbreaking results. She is the co-founder and CEO of the first-of-its-kind learning experience platform CanopyLAB.

Ahu Serter
Founder of Arya Women’s Investment Platform

Ahu Serter is the founder of Arya Women’s Investment Platform, an organization which presents successful investors with opportunities to strategically invest in ambitious female entrepreneurs. Since its inception in 2015, the platform has invested more than $500,000 in women-led businesses.

Sardana Mikheeva
VP of Operations at inDrive

VP of Operations at inDrive, a global transportation network company. It currently operates in over 700+ cities in 47 countries and serves 150M users.

She is passionate about women's leadership and her personal goal for the future is to be able to mentor other young female professionals so as to help them realize and unleash their full potential in the world of business.

Ainura Sagyn
Co-founder and CEO of Tazar

Co-founder and CEO of Tazar, a platform that helps to collect and dispose of recyclable materials from Bishkek city.

Ainura Sagyn is included in the list of the most influential and inspiring women of 2022 according to the BBC.

Winner of the Aurora Tech Award 2021.

Sadaffe Abid
Social entrepreneur leading CIRCLE

Sadaffe Abid is a social entrepreneur leading CIRCLE, a social enterprise working on women's empowerment & inclusion through technology, leadership development & entrepreneurship. She designed the CIRCLE's flagship initiative, #TechKaro initiated in 2018 to bring digital skills like coding, design & digital marketing to youth especially women from underserved communities to bridge the digital gender divide, increase their confidence, livelihoods & contribute to Pakistan's economy.